Brown-Forman ranked top ‘greenest’ beverage alcohol company in U.S.

Lousiville-based Brown-Forman claimed the top spot as the “greenest” beverage alcohol company among U.S. publicly traded companies in the Newsweek Green Rankings. Brown-Forman increased its overall ranking from 69 to 52 and was named among the top three of all beverage companies in the U.S., following Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. and Keurig Green Mountain. Full story

Brown-Forman Honors Barrel-Making Heritage with Coopers’ Craft Bourbon

For the first time in two decades, Brown-Forman is launching a new bourbon brand. The company said Coopers’ Craft is made using a special beech and birch charcoal-filter finishing process. It celebrates Brown-Forman’s 70 years of barrel-making expertise. Coopers’ Craft will be available this summer in Kentucky and seven other states. Read full press release

The Nine Lives of One Bourbon Barrel

The last place you might expect to discover a monument to American whiskey is in an overgrown field in the idyllic countryside of Speyside, Scotland. But if you follow a path up a woody hill, overlooking the Glenrothes distillery, in a clearing you’ll find great pyramids of used American oak barrels. The newest ones look like they could still hold whiskey, while the oldest, weather-beaten ones are losing their rusty hoops and the staves are turning into dust. Full story

Brown-Forman barrel makers on a 70-year roll


The first barrel rolled off the line at Brown-Forman’s cooperage in Louisville 70 years ago and, with very minor changes, the barrels still are rolling briskly today.

“We have been making new barrels for the whiskey industry longer than anyone else,” said master distiller Chris Morris. “We’re also the only major distilling company that makes its own new barrels — in the world.” Full story