How to Drink, Taste, and Think About Bourbon, From Two Men Who Make the Stuff

The father-son Master Distillers at the heart of Wild Turkey bourbon, Jimmy and Eddie Russell, have a combined 96 years experience making the world-renowned sweet, spicy, and bold spirit. As you might imagine, they’ve had a long time to refine their ideas about the liquor. Full story

Wild Turkey® unveils bold new brand packaging across its range of products

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey® today debuted a new look for its premium bourbon and rye whiskey range. While making no changes to the award-winning liquid, Wild Turkey has designed new packaging for its global family of products that better reflects the core values of the historic brand. A detailed new turkey illustration, found on every expression and most prominently displayed on Wild Turkey 101, depicts a spirited bird that is authentic, proud, and bold – characteristics that have always defined the conviction at the heart of the Wild Turkey brand. Read full press release

Russell’s Reserve® Unveils First Single Barrel Rye


LAWRENCEBURG, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rye Whiskey is booming, and legendary Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell are responding the only way they know how – a 104 proof, barrel-aged spice bomb like only they know how to make. Russell’s Reserve® Single Barrel Rye launches today, as the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. (DISCUS) reports consumer demand for Rye Whiskey is reaching a fever pitch not seen since prior to Prohibition. Continue reading

The Buddha of Bourbon Speaks

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Distilling is in Jimmy Russell’s blood. His father worked at the Old Joe distillery so long ago that there were only four distilleries in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The area is now the epicenter of Bourbon country. “I grew up just five miles from Wild Turkey, so it was like my backyard,” says Russell, Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller who is currently celebrating his 60th year with the company. Full story

Wild Turkey’s Eddie Russell earns official master distiller title

Eddie Russell, son of legendary Wild Turkey master distiller Jimmy Russell, has been named master distiller. Jimmy Russell announced the promotion “with great pride” Monday in a news release: “After 34 years, I think he’s finally earned it, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go any easier on him — or that I’m going anywhere anytime soon. Eddie and I will work side by side as the industry’s only father-son master distillers.” Full story

Master distillers at Wild Turkey on the recipe for mixing business with family


Jimmy Russell grew up along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, so it was a foregone conclusion that he would one day go to work for a distillery, just like his father had. This September, he’ll celebrate his 60th year of service at Wild Turkey, making him the longest-tenured distiller anywhere in North America. His son, Eddie, is also a distiller, a member of the Bourbon Hall of Fame going on 33 years with Wild Turkey. Full story

KY Bourbon Affair: The Bourbon Premiere

bourbon1 bourbon2 bourbon4 bourbon3

The Inaugural KY Bourbon Affair officially kicked off tonight with an event called, The Bourbon Premiere, held at Louisville’s 21C hotel. With more than 130 bourbon available for tasting, popular whiskey writer (and friend) Fred Minnick and myself decided to take up the challenge of trying as many as we could. Factor in 20 or so different bourbon cocktail options and it’s easy to figure out we didn’t get very far in our quest. One of the great things about this event was the fact that many attendees were from outside of Kentucky and were able to spend time with many of the bourbon legends that we get to mingle with on a frequent basis including, Fred Noe, Jimmy Russell, Chris Morris, and more. This was a great kickoff to what looks like a great overall event.

Bourbon royalty salute Jimmy Russell


Bourbon royalty saluted Jimmy Russell’s 60th year in the industry today. Al Young (Four Roses), Craig Beam (Heaven Hill), Parker Beam (Heaven Hill), Fred Noe (Beam), KY Governor Steve Beshear, and more toasted Jimmy at the new Wild Turkey Visitor Center. Congrats to a true Kentucky Gentleman. Also, if you haven’t been to the new visitor center, well, you need to change that. It really is spectacular.

Whiskey Lovers Rejoice: Wild Turkey 101 Rye Makes Its Highly-Anticipated Return

Ask and you shall receive. That’s the mantra from the Wild Turkey® team, as the brand brings back its highly-coveted Wild Turkey 101 Rye. After an absence from the market for about a year due to unexpected high demand, Wild Turkey 101 Rye is making its way back into the hearts and back bars of the best whiskey accounts in the country beginning this month. Full story