5 distilleries to open in Louisville by 2018


In the late 1700s, bourbon distilleries helped shape downtown Louisville by opening offices along a section of Main Street that became known as Whiskey Row. But after Prohibition forced most of their closures, Louisville took a back seat in the state’s bourbon story.

Now, with several distilleries already open around the city’s center and a handful more on the way, Louisville is becoming a bourbon tourism destination at an unprecedented pace. Full story

We Found A Rare Bourbon That’s Absolutely Worth The Hype

old forester birthday long
Old Forester is widely known for producing inexpensive and well-regarded bourbon, a favorite of bartenders and whiskey drinkers who recognize the brand’s quality and value. Old Forester is also known for its coveted white whale whiskey, the annual Birthday Bourbon expression. Since 2002, it has been released every September 2nd (or thereabouts) to mark founder George Garvin Brown’s birthday. Full story

Brown-Forman barrel makers on a 70-year roll


The first barrel rolled off the line at Brown-Forman’s cooperage in Louisville 70 years ago and, with very minor changes, the barrels still are rolling briskly today.

“We have been making new barrels for the whiskey industry longer than anyone else,” said master distiller Chris Morris. “We’re also the only major distilling company that makes its own new barrels — in the world.” Full story

Modern marvels hidden in century-old Brown-Forman buildings

bfbuildingIn a working-class neighborhood in western Louisville, near a fire station, Baptist churches and homes with gray vinyl siding, some tall red-brick structures stand out – in part because one of them seems to be propping up a giant bottle of bourbon.

Visitors who stroll down this part of Dixie Highway are inclined to pay more attention to the building on the east, the official headquarters of Brown-Forman Corp., which impresses with neatly cut shrubs, smooth lawn and majestic, white columns. Full story

Everything You Need to Know About Bottled in Bond Bourbon

bottled in bond long

An often-overlooked category of whiskey is bottled in bond bourbon. This is probably mostly due to the fact that not very many brands actually carry expressions that fit the stringent criteria, part of which involves minutiae like government-certified warehouses. Obviously, the rules that classify bourbon as bonded aren’t mandatory, so why would a brand even bother? Well, there’s a bit of history behind it. Full story