Short on Whiskey, Michter’s Cancels Its September 2016 Toasted Barrel Bourbon Release and Announces Distillery Expansion

Forced to allocate all its whiskey offerings due to growing demand, Michter’s Distillery will not be releasing its Michter’s US*1 Toasted Barrel Bourbon during 2016. “The incredible popularity of our Toasted Barrel Bourbon release during the past two years made this a very tough decision,” said Michter’s Distillery PresidentJoseph J. Magliocco. “The problem is every drop of our Toasted Barrel Bourbon that we release this year is one less drop of our Michter’s US*1 Bourbon that we have to allocate to our distributors and importers.” Read full press release

5 distilleries to open in Louisville by 2018


In the late 1700s, bourbon distilleries helped shape downtown Louisville by opening offices along a section of Main Street that became known as Whiskey Row. But after Prohibition forced most of their closures, Louisville took a back seat in the state’s bourbon story.

Now, with several distilleries already open around the city’s center and a handful more on the way, Louisville is becoming a bourbon tourism destination at an unprecedented pace. Full story

Whiskey now flowing and aging at Michter’s Louisville distillery

The establishment of a Louisville headquarters for Michter’s American Whiskeys is a story reminiscent of the out-of-town kid moving to a new school where he’s got to prove himself.

Local bourbon fans are provincial about their booze, and some have eyed the Pennsylvania-born brand as an outsider needing to prove its tastiness amid so many strong local competitors. Full story