Want to be bourbon expert? Training available

A new program has been established to provide some bourbon expertise to the front-line workers in Louisville’s hospitality industry. The certification program, called the Stave & Thief Society, is intended to offer standardized training to help educate local employees primarily at restaurants, bars and hotels to become “certified bourbon stewards.” The idea is to help them promote and uphold Kentucky’s “distinguished bourbon culture,” according to a news release. Full story

The Spirit of Kentucky: Bourbon is more of a commodity than many realize


Say you want to start your own bourbon label. How would you do it?

A contract craft bottler — such as Strong Spirits in Bards town, which bottles Temptation Bourbon, Redemption Rye and High Rye Bourbon, and many others — can help you “source” bourbon. Full story


Moonshine University students learn distilling isn’t as simple as it looks

If all you knew of making whiskey was what you’d seen on the hit TV show, “Moonshiners,” you might imagine it’s easy work.

But as 14 students at the daylong Oct. 18 session of Moonshine University learned, it’s not simple at all. That people could do it at all without the benefit of modern devices is nothing short of incredible, said Colin Blake, creative director at the Distilled Spirits Epicenter (DSE) in downtown Louisville. Full story