WhistlePig finally comes clean: “A Revealing Chat With WhistlePig’s Raj Bhakta


Via Whisky Advocate: When Robert Simonson alerted me recently that the makers of WhistlePig rye were finally ready to “come clean” and confirm that the whiskey* they bottle is from Canada, I was skeptical. However, in an article written for the upcoming summer 2014 issue of Whisky Advocate, Simonson quotes WhistlePig’s master distiller, Dave Pickerell, saying that the original WhistlePig came from Canada’s Alberta Distillers (ADL), and that some of it still does. Full story

Meet Mr. Whiskey: Dave Pickerell


Think of Dave Pickerell as the Johnny Appleseed of American whiskey. After fourteen years as the master distiller at Maker’s Mark, he left in 2008 to become a consultant for the burgeoning craft-distilling movement. Since then Pickerell, who is based in Louisville, has worked with many of the leading names in the business, including Corsair, Hillrock Estate, and George Washington, the newly reopened distillery at Mount Vernon—and become one of the preeminent figures in modern whiskey. Full story