5 distilleries to open in Louisville by 2018


In the late 1700s, bourbon distilleries helped shape downtown Louisville by opening offices along a section of Main Street that became known as Whiskey Row. But after Prohibition forced most of their closures, Louisville took a back seat in the state’s bourbon story.

Now, with several distilleries already open around the city’s center and a handful more on the way, Louisville is becoming a bourbon tourism destination at an unprecedented pace. Full story


Whisky Live makes Kentucky debut


Hosted in more than 20 cities around the world, Whisky Live is readying to launch in Louisville, KY later this month. A wide range of whiskies from across the globe will be available for sampling at Kentucky’s first Whisky Live, which rounds off The Kentucky Bourbon Affair, a week-long showcase of all things Bourbon. Full story

New Limited-Edition Rye Whiskey From Booker’s, America’s Beloved Small Batch Bourbon Brand

Today, with so many brands of bourbon flooding the market that it is hard to keep track of them all, and more being introduced all the time, it is hard to believe that the spirit was once in a state of despair. But that was the case into the Eighties, when everyone was drinking vodka before bourbon enjoyed a renaissance, thanks to the introduction of higher quality, smaller batch, and single barrel versions. Full story