2015 Bourbon Classic Recap


Despite the snow and record low temperatures, Mother Nature couldn’t keep hundreds of Bourbon fans and aficionados from attending the 3rd Annual Bourbon Classic. Co-produced by The Bourbon Review and FSA Management Group, the two-day event, held Feb 20-21, included numerous tastings and seminars for the bourbon obsessed. As the heart of bourbon country (apologies to Bardstown), Louisville serves as the perfect host city for this growing event. Continue reading

Impromptu Rye Tasting

I was able to acquire a couple of bottles of the first batch Willett 2-year old ryes and was itching to sample. As such, I held an impromptu Rye tasting at the house this weekend while friends were over to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Not to let the Willett slide without comparison, we brought out a couple of heavy hitters to see how the youngster would hold up.

The nose on the Willett was definitely that of a younger whiskey but the taste was a flavor explosion of mint, spice, and everything nice! Very tasty for such a young whiskey and the high proof really showcased the craftsmanship Willett Distillery. Surprisingly, it held up very nicely to the Thomas Handy but the Sazerac was the easy winner of the night by everyone’s account. For me, I seemed to continue to go back to the Willett throughout the course of the evening. This was definitely one of the best tasting young whiskey’s I’ve every tasted and a great first release from Willett. We’re definitely looking forward to great things from Drew and the team at Willett.

KY Bourbon Affair: The Bourbon Premiere

bourbon1 bourbon2 bourbon4 bourbon3

The Inaugural KY Bourbon Affair officially kicked off tonight with an event called, The Bourbon Premiere, held at Louisville’s 21C hotel. With more than 130 bourbon available for tasting, popular whiskey writer (and friend) Fred Minnick and myself decided to take up the challenge of trying as many as we could. Factor in 20 or so different bourbon cocktail options and it’s easy to figure out we didn’t get very far in our quest. One of the great things about this event was the fact that many attendees were from outside of Kentucky and were able to spend time with many of the bourbon legends that we get to mingle with on a frequent basis including, Fred Noe, Jimmy Russell, Chris Morris, and more. This was a great kickoff to what looks like a great overall event.